What exercise should I do to be healthy and lose weight?

It’s crazy to me that I wanted to write this blog. And don’t get me wrong, I am not a healthcare professional by any means, I am just an average sized girl (size 4-6) who is trying to be healthy and look her best.

I’m definitely guilty of trying many diets in my life, but none of them really worked or lasted… mostly because I don’t have the will power to deny myself all the yummy food that you’re not supposed to eat. Plus, if you don’t eat, you won’t have the strength to exercise either.

But enough about food, since you’re here to read about workouts and moving your body!

In my lifetime I have tried many sports including acrobatic rock and roll, ice skating, jazz ballet, yoga, hip hop dance and even tap dance for a few months. I really enjoyed all, but I came to realize that when you’re a grownup it’s really hard to show up to pre-set classes.

After I moved to the US I had this fear that I would gain weight because of the difference in diet and food in general. Well, I wasn’t wrong… and when I visited home I heared from multiple people that I gained weight. And that hurt! I mean, who wants to hear that?! I was also struggling with money, but that’s besides the point.

So that was kind of a wake up call for me and when I looked at pictures of myself I realized they were right. And that doesn’t mean that anything was wrong with me, I just wanted to feel better in MY skin.

So I started going to the gym, but then the pandemic hit. Gyms closed, parks closed… the world closed. And I was a little lost on what to do.

But then I found this app that changed the way I look at working out and changed the way I work out in general!

It’s called the Kira Stokes app! The workouts on the app are foolproof, even me, who has never been a weight lifter, could easily follow along the exercises and feel accomplished at the end!

I was new to weight lifting but I knew I wanted low impact workouts, meaning I didn’t want to do HIIT or jump around. I wanted slow movements that will make a difference. And they did!

If you’re thinking “but I don’t want to be bulky” I totally get it! That’s exactly what I was thinking, but the point of weight training is that you work your muscles and the muscles will burn the fat around them. Muscle activation also burns fat longer than cardio! I know! It’s crazy!

Kira also explains the correct way to do an exercise and will help you out together a workout regime. There are also 7-day workouts out together for you if you don’t know how to do it.

Workouts range from 5min to an hour and a half and you can mix and match the workouts to get exactly what you want!

Another tip: make sure to increase your weight so it’s challenging but not to a point to hurt yourself! Challenging your muscles will make for better and faster results!

Recently I added Pilates Reformer to my workout to have more mobility and I encourage you to do yoga or Pilates once a week even if it’s from home!

Here are a couple resources for you to help you get started in your fitness journey!

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Metabolic stretching

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Let me know what is your go-to exercise in the comments!