10 items I recently purchased from Amazon

I think we all find ourselves aimlessly scrolling through Amazon looking for stuff we think we need, but really don’t. Like a wooden Maldon salt holder or a matte gold utensil set. And how about those Amazon workout sets!? Am I right?

I have zero shame ordering stuff from Amazon and return them if I don’t like them. Especially with clothes since they recently started the ‘Try before you buy’ option and it’s a game changer! You can order the item to your house for free and try-it, have it for 7 days and then return it if you don’t like it. They don’t charge you anything up front!

So let’s dive in and see what I ordered and if I decided to keep it!

  1. Bio-Oil skincare oil

I was originally influenced by someone in Instagram to buy this body oil and it did not disappoint. This was actually a re-purchase! It’s super lightweight, sinks into the skin and doesn’t leave that “oily” feeling. Also smells really great at improves and stretchmarks or scars you might have.I got the small, travel size so I can take it with me on short trips.


Price: Travel size 3-pack: $14.99 Full size: 23.99

2. White two-piece outfit

Since we’re planning a beach vacation I was so excited for this set! It looked super great on the picture and so I ordered it. So, it wasn’t horrible, but not for me… I thought it was going to be a cotton/linen blend (I know, what was I expecting from Amazon? but still…) and instead it was cotton/polyester. So didn’t love the material and the pants, well, they didn’t look like the picture. They were lined until the part where the split is, but then they were pretty much see-through. Also the top was longer than I expected so it didn’t really show a midriff. I decided to return it.


Price: 38.49

3. Milky white gel nail polish

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know that Hailey Bieber’s glazed nails are IT right now. So naturally, I was determined to do it myself. I have been doing my own nails for 2 and a half years now (building gel, designs, anything you can think of) and so I always buy new colors and tools. When I looked up how to get this look I found that you have to put one layer of OPI Funny Bunny and chrome powder over it. Well, if you’re not a certified nail technician you cannot purchase OPI gel polish, so I went with the next best thing and bought this milky white color. It worked great, so definitely recommend.


Price: $6.99

4. 2-piece ribbed set (shorts & bra)

As a big fan of Skims I was pretty hesitant, but as much as I love Skims, I can’t justify having more than one set with that price point. So I decided to try this. And I’m glad I did! This set is actually very flattering and plenty stretchy. I ordered a Medium, but probably could’ve done a Small because the top is a little big, but I would only wear this at home, so I’m fine with it being not super tight. They are a soft material (not Skims soft, but soft) and not see-through. Plus the bra is double lined for extra hold.


Price: $27.99

5. Eyeglass holder – 6 slots

I’m a person who can never have enough glasses or sunglasses. I have about 5 prescription glasses and like a dozen sunglasses. Whenever I travel I always struggle because I was to take more than one, but packing them individually takes up too much space. So I got this 6-slot holder that you can hang up or roll up and snap for safe packing. So when I don’t travel I just have it hung up by the door so I have 6 pairs of sunglasses to pick from as I walk out the door. So if you’re someone who has lots of glasses, definitely get one of these.


Price: 26.08

6. Flexible phone holder

So this magic thing is the thing you didn’t know you needed! But for real! I was looking for something that I can bring with myself on the plane to mount my phone so I can watch movies but don’t have to hold the phone in my hands. Naturally, I turned to Amazon. I mostly found these phone mount similar to the ones you put in your car. Like you can mount it on the table when it’s folded up. It just wasn’t the thing I was looking for. So I decided to oder this flexible holder and see what it was about. It turned out to be a great find! So this holder comes flat and you an bend it to your liking to fit the surface. I not only was able to watch my phone on the plane but also in bed or anywhere I need a stand for my phone.


Price: $16.23

7. Galaxy light projector

Every once in a while I feel like dancing and want to turn my living room into a dancefloor. That’s when I order this projector. And I really like it, it lights up the whole room and you can connect your phone to it via bluetooth and play music through its speaker. It also comes with a remote and looks cool, like a black soccer ball. Since I don’t so my dance party that often, I usually return it, but if you like the vibe of it, it’s totally worth keeping. Next time for my dance party though, I will order a disco ball. LOL


Price: $19.47

8. Goo Goo hair extensions

Recently I saw that all the influencers I follow have gotten hair extensions and since I can’t afford salon extensions and the upkeep, I decided to try these halo extensions. It looked so easy, so I gave it a shot and I’m glad I did! They are made of real human hair and is super soft! You can wash it, color it, heat treat it! It miraculously matched my hair color perfectly and since they’re halo extensions that means that you just put the top of your own hair up and put the extension around it, let your hair down and pull out pieces with the rat tail comb that comes with it. It might sound difficult but I promise it’s not! It’s fun for a night out or if you want cute pics with a little more voluminous hair.


Price: 12” long $44.99

9. Kodak single use camera

We recently went on vacation and even though I had my phone, a Polaroid and my Sony camera with me I still wanted something that would be fun to take different types of pictures with. So I got this single use camera that has 30 frames in it (I think) and I’m excited to see how these pics turn out! It’s a fun, throwback item to bring to holiday parties, birthdays, vacations or just to have fun.


Price: $23

10. Wetkiss clear shoes

Aren’t these the most gorgeous shoes?! I was scared that they will be uncomfortable and cheap looking but I was very pleasantly surprised! They looked gorgeous and we’re very comfy! The crystals on the top are so pretty and the heel is the perfect height. The only think I didn’t get is that they came with some extra straps, but I couldn’t figure out how to put them on. For the price, they’re totally worth it and will look great for the upcoming holiday season!


Price: $59.99