‘Runaway’ or not?

I think I mentioned before that we shot my new music video in December in the freeeeeezing cold. But I think it will be all worth it. The video is almost done, so I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos with you, so you can see what’s going on.


Here I’m trying to drink my wine, but somehow I cannot grab the glass…or not?


A little positioning with the cameraman. In the pictures above I’m wearing an ANNAEVA dress, they are a Hungarian designer team and they make gorgeous lady clothes that worked perfectly for the video.


The magic of what you actually see…


And something you probably shoudn’t have seen… LOL Having a great hair day if I may say so…


The support system, love them!


My hero! Literally…


Perfect makeup is very crucial on a shoot, but the freezing weather didn’t help much.

On the outside shoot I’m wearing a Mango trench coat over my ANNAEVA dress and a Mango winter coat with UGG boots. The makeup is MAC.


The face I make when we’re getting closer to the end of a 16 hour day of shooting… I loved almost every minute of it. LOL

What is your favourite music video? Let me know in the comment section!


This is how we move!

You might have noticed that I love music and not just making it but listening to is and dancing to it as well. Recently I had the privilege to help out on a music video shoot for a song called ‘How we move’ for the great glitch hop artist AK Sediki.

There was a latin dancer, twerk dancer, pop lock dancer (who happens to be my dance teacher! What a talent that guy is!), belly dancer and even a Storm trooper. Yes, you read that right!

Here are a couple of fun videos I made on the shoot, but don’t forget to check out the final video HERE! Let me know how you like this amazing song and make sure you MOVE!