The Sale craze…

You know that feeling when you have some time to spare and you end up in Zara with tons a clothes that look amazing on you and you just have this urge to buy them all? Well it happened to me again this time… I just love to search the sales and find pieces that are great with every other clothing I own. So here are a few new items I bought over the past few weeks…and yes, I have a problem! LOL

As you can see I have a shoe problem, I just cannot resist a cute pair of shoes and if they are comfortable, well watch out!

I had these white sneakers below, but I used them so much that I kind of worn them to death, so now I decided to make them my hip-hop dancing shoes and order a new pair for the spring.


The two mules are my biggest crushes this year. Last summer I already worn mules and loved them so much, so I bought 2 more. I don’t necessarily like my feet, which I know might sound weird, but true, so I love these kinds of shoes.

The furry sandals…well, I don’t think they need any explanation.


This year I was obsessed with velvet and I’ve been looking at this bomber jacket for a while now and I couldn’t decide if I loved it or hated it, so obviously I needed to buy it when it was 60% off. What?! Right?


Also, I’m reliving my childhood dreams while pretending to be a ballerina with shoes that I bought that you can check out in a previous post and also dressing in tulle. So here it is!


Embroidered shirts, shoes and jeans are very in this season, so I purchased a pair of jeans, which I couldn’t find a picture of, and these two gorgeous statement tops that can make any outfit into a special one. Looking forward to premiering my new babies soon.

Have you bought any beloved items on this year’s winter sale? If yes, let me know in the comment section.

Out with the old, in with the new



I cannot believe it’s 2017 already! For the past few years I’ve been waiting like a kid for the annual winter Zara sale starting on 26th December. This years was no exception. I went immediately as I

had some pieces already picked out during the season that I wanted to wait and purchase on sale.

At the same time, I usually clean out my closet so I can make room for my new
favorites. The first person I call when I do this is one of my best friends. She comes over and picks out what she likes and what’s good for her. The rest I usually try to sell online, at second-hand fairs or donate them.
Below I show you all the new pieces I longed for and got as fast as I could and also I will give you a link, on which you can check out all the pieces I put up for sale.