Snow problem

Finally! The first real snow of 2017 has come and it was beautiful. So obviously the first thing I did was to take some photos and share them with you.

I usually wear down feather coat during winter, but this day was pretty warm and I got to put on this nice camel coat to make things a little interesting.

The jeans are from Zara and they are not skinny (which is going out of style according to fashion gurus), but more of a straight one with fringe at the bottom and some writing on the pockets.

The bag is a very interesting one, because it has a zipper on the back (which I obviously forgot to take a picture of…) and you can change the front of the bag according to your style, outfit or mood. I think it’s pretty cool, don’t you?

And one of my favourite accessories all year long are sunglasses, so this time was no exception.

Tell me your favourite winter accessory or outfit in the comments!





I’m wearing Zara hat, jeans, bag and shoes, Stradivarius coat, Mango sweater, Ray Ban sunglasses and Sephora lip stain.

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